ASPCA Deploys to Assist Animals and Communities in Storm’s Path

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As tropical storm Florence bears down on the Carolinas, tens of thousands of residents, their pets, and homeless animals have been displaced or are in danger. Sadly, the storm has already claimed lives. The days and weeks ahead will require critical response as conditions develop and the damage is assessed.

The ASPCA has deployed responders with rescue boats, trucks and supplies to the area, ready to assist animals and impacted communities. We are preparing efforts for water rescue and assistance with animal evacuations in the places where animals may need our help most.

Last year alone, the ASPCA responded to six disasters including Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the wildfires in California, assisting more than 37,000 animals through pre-evacuation, field rescue, and post-disaster relief efforts. Now, we are mobilizing to assist animals in harm’s way again.

We remain in close communications with emergency management agencies in the Carolinas, as preparations for our disaster response efforts are underway. We are grateful to our friends and supporters who continue to help provide a lifeline to animals in need across the country.

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