Lucky Charms Released Soft Marshmallow Blondies to Eat on the Go

General Mills never fails to make my taste buds dance at breakfast time. Between Blueberry Cheerios, Lucky Charms Marshmallows Only, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros, my cabinets are getting pretty stuffed. But I’m willing to make some room, because Lucky Charms Soft Baked Treats Marshmallow Blondies have hit stores.

A typical blondie is a rich dessert bar—similar to a brownie—that swaps the chocolate for vanilla. The Lucky Charms blondies contain marshmallows from the cereal, and none of those crunchy oat cereal pieces. It’s topped with what appears to be an icing or marshmallow drizzle.

Surprisingly enough, although the bars are a sweet take on breakfast, each one is only 90 calories. So yes, I will be keeping one in my bag at all times.

So far, the marshmallow blondies have been spotted online at BJ’s Wholesale Club for $9.99 per box of 40 (which can also be ordered through Instacart), as well as Walmart, slated at a higher price.

I’m hoping that this is the first of many cereal-inspired blondie bars. So, you know I have to ask…

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