Easing Into Life After Covid

The United States has generously removed its Covid-19 restrictions, now that roughly half of its adult population has been completely vaccinated, ushering in normalcy.

Although this might be a good thing, we sift through a tangle of feelings, including fear, guilt, rage, grief, and relief. Many have lost loved ones and, while we hoped that the country’s reopening would help some of the grief subside, it has simply woven us deeper into it and complicated the process.


Things That Were Easy Are Not Anymore

We get frustrated with individuals who dismiss Covid as a mere flu or a political ruse. Covid paranoia is not uncommon. Thankfully, the hypersensitivity to falling ill becomes easier to handle after getting jabbed. Be that as it may, we still have tainted pleasures, and the realization that the world will never return to normal causes despair.


We Are All Grieving In Some Way

Finding it hard to cope with the reopening is normal. Therapist Dr. Heidi Schreiber-Pan points out that we need not have bid adieu to a loved one to feel grief. Anything that could have brought meaning into our lives is worth mourning over.

According to Dea Dean, people often experience a myriad of emotions, particularly during grief. Even as it subsides, it is not uncommon for other negative feelings associated with it to resurface. Apprehension about easing the lockdown after more than a year is natural. Furthermore,  the  Delta variation is spreading, and no one knows how long a full reopening is prudent or tenable.


Recognize And Validate Your Feelings.

When we are experiencing strong emotions, It is essential to observe what we are feeling and give it a name. Automatism puts us at risk of being reactive and unable to regulate ourselves. It is important to remember that our feelings towards the loss of our loved ones are valid.

Pay Tribute To The Deceased And Set Yourself Free

Formal funerals or other communal ceremonies were not permitted. Schreiber-Pan and Dean believe that doing something in honor of our loved ones is crucial, whether it is a ceremony with others or something done alone. Something as simple as stepping into the ocean alone and letting the waves wash away all negative emotions can symbolize a memorial service never held.

As cliché as it may sound, self-care during grief is critical. Being compassionate and forming an internal alliance with ourselves can make a tremendous difference. Here’s hoping we all ease into this new normal with renewed hope!

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