How long the sperm should be a maximum of frozen?

Sperm are stored over a long period of over ten years in a seed Bank, which has apparently no negative effects. A new study by Chinese researchers, which was presented at the annual meeting of the European society for reproductive medicine and embryology (ESHRE) in Vienna indicates. Nevertheless, in many countries there are maximum time limits for the Freezing of sperm.

The researchers donate sperm, which were frozen between six months and five years, with those that had been stored from six to ten or eleven to 15 years compared. The analysis of over 100,000 seed samples showed that the survival rate of frozen spermatozoa decreased after thawing, within a period of 15 years from 85 to 74 percent. This had only a minor impact on the pregnancy and birth rate of women for which samples were used: they were in all three groups, between 82 and 80 percent. Also in the case of artificial insemination (IVF), the success rates are comparable, they accounted for 74 to 82 percent.

In the medical literature there are at least two reports of successful pregnancies in human seeds that were stored for a very long time: One comes from the UK with 21 years of storage, and the second from the United States with 40 years. However, many Supervisory authorities have set a deadline of ten years for the storage of sperm and ova, are, however, allowed exceptions for medical reasons. At the time of establishing the deadlines, the fear that the genetic material of the sperm could be damaged, but instructions are missing so far, presumably.


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