Number of drug-related deaths drops for the first time in 20 years

In the U.S., the number of drug-related deaths decreased as a result of Overdose for the first Time in two decades. The preliminary Figures published by the US health authorities.

2018 died, therefore, about of 68,600 people to an Overdose, in the year 2017, there were approximately 72.200 deaths. Since 1999, the number of drug-related deaths increased in the United States each year, in that year, there were nearly 16.850 victims.

In the case of more than two-thirds of the 2017 deceased an Opioid Overdose, the cause of death. Opioid pain relievers, the product Oxycontin from Purdue Pharma have been prescribed since the nineties, the bulk of Doctors. It was claimed that they would be less dependent than older Opioid painkillers – but that was wrong.

As a result of the increasing dependence on painkillers and Heroin in the United States was again a major Problem, because opioid-overs dependent on it. In 2018, reported the American health authorities, the life expectancy in the country is declining. One of the reasons: the drug epidemic. “We are losing too many Americans in to a young age, and all too often, the preventable causes,” said the Director of the U.S. center for disease control, Robert Redfield.

20 Years Of Opioid Crisis

The pharmaceutical company Purdue – and its owner, the multi-billionaire family, Sackler – will have to answer now before the court for the then aggressive Marketing of Oxycontin. “Eight members of a single family-made decisions, which have triggered the majority of the opioid epidemic,” according to the indictment.

The latest Figures mark a turning point in the opioid crisis? The head of the US food and drug administration HHS, Alex Azar, said that they would show that the measures to combat the opioid crisis and the drug had a dependence on. He warned at the same time, with a quick end to the crisis that has built up over 20 years, was not to be expected.

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