The 10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make During Sex

By now, we’d hope you’d be across what constitutes proper sex etiquette – from the basic (do use protection, do take off your socks) to the far more specific (don’t tell your partner how great your ex was in bed). But as anyone who has ever done the deed can attest, it is situational: what turns on one person, maybe a deal breaker for another.

That’s why it’s handy that Illicit Encounters have done all the hard work (pardon, the pun) and surveyed both sexes to find out the most common faux pas. Prepare to be enlightened.

What men think are women’s biggest sex mistakes:

  • Failing to initiate sex
  • Always wanting sex with the lights off
  • Faking an orgasm
  • Talking too much
  • Not asking to try anything new
  • Mentioning what an ex-partner did in bed
  • Over-thinking sex
  • Being too timid
  • Believing he is always up for sex
  • Worrying too much about how they look

Women think are men’s biggest sex mistakes:

  • Skipping on foreplay and rushing straight into full (guessing this means penetrative?) sex
  • Having an orgasm first
  • Being clumsy
  • Talking dirty in a crude way
  • Lack of communication/intimacy after sex
  • Falling asleep as soon as they’ve come
  • Commenting on women’s body shape
  • Assuming they know what she wants
  • Rigidly stick to your plan and ignoring her body language
  • Keeping it completely physical with no emotional connection

Let us reiterate: these won’t be considered no no’s for everyone, so please take them with a grain of salt – but it is good info to have for the next time you do the no pants dance. 

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