Animal Bloopers You Need Now


Every day, members like you help us rescue, protect and give second chances to animals who need us most. Because of our work together, thousands of animals who were once homeless or neglected are getting the chance to be loved—to be themselves and to unleash their personalities! And it wouldn’t happen without you. So every now and again, we like to give you an inside peek at the day-to-day silly moments with some of our most adorable animals.

Check out our 10 best animal bloopers below!


Hangry Henry needs his lunch!


“Must. Get. Da. Turtle.”


“Oh sorry, didn’t see you there.


Wut is happening?


“I can has kiss?”


“Attackkkkk the hooman!”


“I ordered the fish!”


Attempts to flirt with the new cat in town.


“Look away! I is ashamed.”


“Charisma” is my middle name.

The comfort and happiness of animals like the ones seen here, is possible because of generous people like you. Your support gives vulnerable animals the opportunity to heal, to feel the comforts of belly rubs and warm hugs. For everything you do, we thank you.

Every donation to the ASPCA makes a life-changing difference for animals who are abused or neglected, hungry or homeless. Please change the life of an innocent animal today by making an urgent gift now.

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