1 In 4 Adults Have Cut Out This Major Food Group In The Past 6 Months

More than a quarter of British adults have cut down on their red-meat intake over the past six months, a new study by market intelligence agency Mintel reveals.

The research showed that the 28% of people that reduced their meat intake made the change for these main reasons: 49% for health, 29% for weight management, 24% for animal welfare and 24% for environmental factors.

Campaigns against meat eating have also played a big role in educating people about a meat-free diet, with 39% saying this has influenced them. Also, 16% of Brits are turning to bloggers and vloggers for advice on healthy eating.

It is younger generations that are most likely to live a plant-based lifestyle, with 19% of Brits under 25 admit that they do not eat red meat or poultry. Environmental factors (29%) are the main motivation, followed by animal welfare (22%.)

Emma Clifford, Senior Food Analyst at Mintel said, “Despite the ingrained popularity of meat and poultry, a clear trend has emerged of people cutting back and limiting how much of these products they eat.”

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