Buffalo Wild Wings Is Finally Bringing Back BOGO Wing Tuesdays

After a two-year hiatus, I’m happy to report that Buffalo Wild Wing’s “Wing Tuesdays” are finally back and here to stay! It was ESPN Insider Adam Schefter who confirmed the return of the deal.

He did so in a tweet saying “sources” (AKA Buffalo Wild Wings) had told him that the infamous BOGO promotion was making a comeback. The sports bar franchise then jokingly posted a video of a crowd of people losing their minds over the announcement.

Actual footage of America reacting to the Wing Tuesdays announcement: pic.twitter.com/bupMredNwl

Again, it’s been two years since this deal has been in effect. Over these past few years, tweet after tweet from fans has demanded that Buffalo Wild Wings restore the wing-slinging bargain (which some Americans pretty much considered to be a human right).

One user tweeted “HOW MANY RETWEETS TO BRING BACK HALF PRICED WING TUESDAYS?!?!?!” Meanwhile another user responded to the announcement of the remodel of BW2 chains with a blunt, “We don’t want it. Just bring back wing tuesdays.” The pressure had clearly been on for awhile.


We don’t want it. Just bring back wing tuesdays https://t.co/272rb1CdR8

Now that the franchise has actually given the people what they want, we’ve seen quite a few complaints that are beginning to make us think that Buffalo Wild Wings still may have not gotten it all right. Believe it or not, some fans were upset that Wing Tuesdays—which exclusively apply to traditional wings—meant that the promotion of BOGO for boneless wings was no longer.

No. You got rid of the BOGO boneless wings. pic.twitter.com/MrmG0r00Xb

What about boneless tho…?

Others were not feeling the fact that the event is exclusively dine-in, which is completely valid, I guess?

Guess you forgot to mention that you did away with your BOGO for take out customers.

Only offering it to dine in only is ridiculous. Disappointing

Overall, BWW just might have to take the L on this Twitter backlash. Besides, something tells me that the people won’t stay mad for long. Just give them until next Tuesday.

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