Chrissy Teigen's Pantry Is Insanely Organised

There are single-serve snacks stacked in wooden compartments, grains in labelled plastic containers and shelves upon shelves of canned goods. She’s got a drawer FULL of different nuts, more cereals than we can count and even a lazy susan stocked with hot sauce. It’s… a lot to take in.

“Fuuuuuck look how purdy my pantry is!!!! neat freaks, swipe for an organisational orgasm,” she captioned the IG post, adding a shout out to home organisation brand @RiOrganize for helping her out.

Via their own IG stories, RiOrganize shared some before and after shots of the project. Although IMO Chrissy’s pantry seemed pretty darn tidy already.

“SECRET’S OUT! @chrissyteigen thank you thank you thank you for trusting our team to deliver a pantry fit for one badass beautiful mumma like yourself! ✨,” they wrote. The team also made sure to set aside a special space for Chrissy’s mum, Vilailuck, to keep her go-to ingredients. “@pepperthai2 thank you for treating us to pho and adding your insane garlic sauce! We hope you enjoy the “Pepper’s Corner” we created for you!”

Honestly, we’re still salivating over all those options for tea. Free to do ours next, RiOrganize?

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