Costco Just Added a New Pastry Item to Its Bakery Section & You Can Buy a 6-Pack for Only $10

A frigid winter morning is best endured with buttery pastry deliciousness (well that, and a nice strong cup of coffee!), and Costco’s newest bakery item fits the bill.

The amazing breakfast delight was shared by Instagram account @costcosisters, who spotted it at their local store. These light, golden brown pastries look like croissants and are filled with cheesy goodness and a tart cherry filling — it’s pure heaven on earth!

“Sometimes you just have to open it in the parking lot!😂” @costcosisters wrote, and we totally understand the urge. How could you pass up sneaking a bite of this gooey deliciousness? “It was good, but would taste even better warm!🔥” they added.

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The cherry and cheese pastries come in a six-pack for just $9.99, meaning you have breakfast for your whole work week (plus one extra!) for cheaper than your daily Starbucks run.  In the video shared to Instagram, @costcosisters account splits one of the pastries in half before indulging, revealing the center filled with cheery and cheese. She said it has the “perfect amount of filling!” and our mouths are watering just looking at it!

Many people confirmed that these pastries are worth the purchase. “These are so so good!” one person commented. “The filling tastes like cheesecake – I normally don’t eat anything with Cherry but the lady at Costco recommended these so we grabbed them! No regrets! ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS 😋.”

“I love these!!!” another said.

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Costco’s bakery items continue to impress, and these cherry and cheese pastries are going to be our new go-to this season. Just pop them in the oven to warm up in the morning or eat them straight from the box. The burst of flavor combined with the flaky crust is the perfect way to start your day!

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