FYI, Your Bartender Is Judging You If You Order One Of These Five Drinks

Bartenders have to put up with a lot of sh*t. Broken glasses, drunk people fighting and asking for free drinks, and the dreaded “surprise me” order. So while you’re free to order whatever you want, the person serving you is free to give you a stink eye if it’s something ridiculous. Nights of responding to people who put one finger up to get a drink have granted them that right. recently conducted a survey asking bartenders to spill their thoughts on everything from most annoying bar behaviors to which drinks make them think negatively of customers. The top five drinks aren’t all that surprising, although you’ve definitely ordered at least one of them before.

According to the survey of more than 260 bartenders, the percentage of bartenders who thought less of customers after ordering these drinks are as follows:

Other eyebrow-raising drinks included Long Island Iced Teas (they’re called LIT for a reason), light beer, and Kahlua and coffee, which I guess is weird if it’s not winter, but otherwise seems like a fair order to me. Also, frozen drinks are the best, so bye.

In other news, the bartenders were asked their thoughts on appropriate tipping, and you’ll be happy with their response — most bartenders (38%) think $1 per drink is a fair amount to tip at a standard bar or dive bar. If you’re at a pub, lounge, or restaurant bar, 18 to 20% of the total bill tends to be thought of as most appropriate. That seems pretty reasonable, and on par with what Americans are already doing. You can see the full results of’s study here.

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