Giada De Laurentiis Just Revealed the Secret to Her Perfect Iced Coffee & It's One Simple Ingredient

It’s always a good idea to treat yourself, especially when you’re treating yourself to a delicious coffee drink. And one of Giada De Laurentiis’ favorite go-to coffee beverages to treat herself with while she’s working at home is an iced coffee made with espresso. And her super-simple recipe is made that much sweeter thanks to a very special ingredient that chocolate lovers will adore.

“One of my favorite treats to have when I’m home working is an iced coffee. And because I’m a chocoholic this is what I melt in it,” De Laurentiis said, showing off a package of Guido Gobino cremini chocolate bits.

These tasty little blocks of chocolate are made with hazelnut chocolate and each one features either a classic white hazelnut or a dark cocoa filling. They’re super decadent, smooth, and perfect to melt into coffee or eat on their own. And the touch of hazelnut flavor adds depth to the chocolate giving it that luxurious taste.

After melting the chocolate into her shot of espresso, De Laurentiis then fills a tall glass with plenty of ice and pours the espresso into the glass. She then tops the espresso shot with unsweetened almond milk and gives the whole thing a good stir.

“This is heaven,” she said, adding, “And sometimes, for a little extra decadence, I put a little froth right on top.” She then showed how she mixes a bit of maple syrup into her froth to give the drink a touch of extra sweetness.

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If you need to try this coffee trick out now and can’t wait for your Guido Gobino chocolates to arrive, you can mix a dollop of Nutella into your espresso to hold you over. Treat yourself to De Laurentiis’ favorite chocolate iced coffee and prepare to get hooked on a new favorite thing.

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