Here's What Ina Garten's Assistant Really Thinks About the Celebrity Chef

Fans — Hollywood stars included — of celebrity chef Ina Garten would love to spend time recipe testing with her. That’s exactly what her assistant, Lidey Heuck, does for a living. Get an inside look at what it’s like to work with Ina Garten and learn what she really thinks of her boss (page 5), ahead.

Heuck’s home is near Ina’s

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Lidey Heuck, who moved from Maine when she got the job as Ina’s assistant, has a four-minute drive to work, she told Food & Wine. “I live about a four-minute drive from Ina’s or six minutes with Hamptons’ summer traffic,” Heuck said.

Hint: Lidey Heuck tests recipes for Ina.

She’s become a sous chef of sorts

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Heuck helps Ina Garten test and develop recipes, according to Food & Wine. Oftentimes, Garten will ask Heuck to test a new recipe at her house “so that they can perfect each recipe for the home cook.” Make never-before-seen recipes from Ina Garten? Sign us up!

Hint: Heuck wears tennis shoes to work.

Work attire is casual

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“We are very casual at Barefoot Contessa, so my work attire usually consists of boyfriend jeans, a cozy sweater, and Superga sneakers,” Heuck told Food & Wine. “I have them in four colors.” We expect nothing less from an employee of Ina Garten’s, who is known for wearing oxford shirts and having a relaxed cooking style.

Hint: She gets to bring her dog with her to work.

Heuck brings her dog to work

Ina Garten | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for (Red))

When we say “work” we mean Ina Garten’s house. Heuck brings her Welsh Terrier, Winkie, to work with her, she told Food & Wine. This includes Ina’s East Hampton village office where Heuck goes to catch up on emails. Her dog also “takes a nap in one of the armchairs” there.

Hint: What Heuck really thinks of Ina Garten.

What Heuck thinks of her boss

Ina Garten | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

“She’s an incredible business person,” Heuck told Food & WIne. “It’s really amazing to have the privilege of working and learning from her — to see up close how she embodies this incredibly successful company and brand.” Ina makes work fun, according to Heuck. “She’s smart and warm, and it’s a fun workplace.”

Hint: Heuck’s work hours are surprisingly reasonable.

Ina’s assistant works 9 to 5

A vintage clock on a table | coffeekai/iStock/Getty Images

Working as a celebrity chef’s assistant conjures images of long nights and early mornings. But Liney Heuck usually works the traditional 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. based on her interview with Food & Wine. She starts mornings off with a 9 a.m. staff meeting and heads home around 5 o’clock.

Hint: Garten and Heuck snack throughout the day.

Heuck and Garten share snacks

Soft-boiled eggs | Nirad/iStock/Getty Images Plus

While cooking in Ina’s kitchen and listening to Welsh musician, Novo Amor, Heuck and Garten made a batch of soft-boiled eggs, according to Food & Wine. They each ate half an egg before a gardening group came for a tour of Ina’s garden. After the tour, Heuck and Garten ate more eggs.

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