How Long Can Foods Stay In The Freezer?

Freezing food will increase its shelf life but they won’t stay tasty forever.

Although frozen foods remain safe to eat indefinitely, flavours and textures will start to deteriorate over time.

To stay on top of your freezer and its contents follow our handy guide.

How long can foods be kept in the freezer?

According to, the following timelines are guidelines for maintaining quality foods in your freezer only.

Bacon, sausage, burgers

Bacon can be kept frozen for up to one month, while raw sausages will keep for one – two months. Hamburger patties and other ground meat can be kept for three-four months.

Fresh beef, lamb pork

Keep steak frozen anywhere between six and 12 months, chops for four to six months and roasts for four to 12 months.

Fresh poultry

A whole chicken or turkey can be kept frozen for one year. Chicken and turkey pieces will stay tasty for nine months.

Soups Stews

Freeze soups and stews for two to three months.


Leftovers containing cooked meat or poultry can be kept frozen for two to six months. Keep chicken nuggets and burger patties for one to three months and pizza for one to two months.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens.

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