Jamie Oliver shares cheat sausage roll recipe – and it’s so simple

Cooking an impressive yet surprisingly simple homemade meal just got a lot easier thanks to Jamie Oliver!

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The TV chef shared a genius recipe for sausage rolls, and before any amateur cooks start to worry about making homemade pastry and mincemeat, it’s an easy cheat’s version.

“It’s all about the shopping!” Jamie explained. Holding up his ingredients in his latest cooking tutorial on Instagram, he continued: “This is pre-bought puff pastry – go to the supermarket and buy all-butter puff pastry. That’s the key.”

That’s half the battle won, and that’s not the only supermarket substitute Jamie suggested! Instead of making his own mincemeat from scratch, his recipe included pre-made Cumberland sausages.

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“A proper good-quality Cumberland sausage will be made of belly, shoulder and made with love and care in an artisanal way – so it’s a beautiful, premium product. So we’ll squeeze the meat out of sausage and just load it down the centre of the puff pastry.”

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After sharing an ultra-simple way of creating the main components of the dish, Jamie then flavoured it with additional herbs and spices. 

Jamie’s simple recipe can be customised!

The celebrity chef opted for sage which he generously placed on top the sausage meat, before grating nutmeg and adding dollops of English mustard. However, he encouraged his followers to experiment with their own combinations – it would be rude not to taste-test several flavours, right?

As usual, his followers were delighted with his dish, with many taking to the comments section to praise the recipe. “It’s a really simple and beautiful sausage roll,” one wrote, while another added: “Looks so delicious!”

The celebrity chef’s fans were quick to praise his homemade sausage rolls

Jamie’s followers also shared some of their own suggestions for different flavour variations. One remarked: “Love a bit of apricot in my sausage rolls,” while another asked for advice on what to add to a beef or vegetarian sausage roll, and was recommended tomato chutney. Yum!

Hands up who’s trying Jamie’s cheat sausage rolls tonight? We certainly plan to…

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