Jamie Oliver’s Valentine’s Day Boozy Chocolate Pots Only Take 4 Minutes To Make

Valentine’s Day is upon us — like, it’s happening right now. And yet there are some of us procrastinators who have yet to do any prep for tonight’s dinner and dessert. Luckily, Jamie Oliver is here to save the day with an incredibly easy dessert recipe that takes less than five minutes to make, but will really wow your special someone.

“Have YOU done enough prep for #ValentinesDay this year???” Oliver wrote in the caption of a February 10 Instagram post. “If you’re still looking for ideas, trust me when I say it doesn’t get much more romantic than my rich, silky, smooth…chocolate pots!! Been making these for @joolsoliver for years now and she still loves them! Just wait until you get to the dunking options….!”

Oliver calls these little pots of heaven the “best expression of chocolate ever.” You can serve them warm or cool and the dunking options are limitless, from cookies to berries to…well, whatever floats your boat.

“Have you got four minutes for someone you love?” Oliver asks in his video. If so, let’s get cracking.

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Four minutes and a single pan are all you need to make this decadent dessert. Melt dark chocolate in warm cream over a low flame, making sure not to boil the cream. When the chocolate is fully melted, remove the whole thing from the burner and add in butter and liquor of your choosing (Oliver used brandy, but suggests whiskey or tequila could be good, too!). Finally, beat in egg yolks to make the entire concoction a whole lot thicker and creamier.

After pouring your chocolate sauce into small little mugs or ramekins, Oliver says you can eat it warm as is, or pop it into the refrigerator for about two hours to let it set up and become that much creamier. Then, choose something to use as a dipping utensil. Cookies, wafers, and pretzels work great, but fruits and berries may be refreshing after a large dinner.

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Grab the full recipe here and watch the video above if you’re in a pinch to come up with a quick and easy Valentine’s Day dessert.

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