Martha Stewart's Hearty Chorizo Tacos Get a Kick of Heat Thanks to This Nutritious Green

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We love tacos so much that we usually have them at least once a week. Why? Because they’re so versatile. A pack of tortillas can turn just about anything into a meal, whether you’re stuffing them with leftovers, sauteed veggies and beans, or juicy grilled carne asada. And just when we think we’ve tried every kind of taco under the sun, from huitlacoche to tripas, Martha Stewart shared a recipe that pairs a classic filling of Mexican chorizo with one of our favorite peppery greens.

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We’ve always loved the combination of chorizo with vegetables, whether it’s in a taco being garnished with chopped cilantro and diced onion, or even the pairing of cured Portuguese chourico with kale in caldo verde.

There’s something about the freshness of greens that just livens up the spicy, salty chorizo. But no green can stand up to the bold sausage quite like Martha Stewart’s choice: mustard greens.

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Much like their namesake condiment, mustard greens have a peppery, hot flavor. It can be mildly bracing, or punchy like wasabi, depending on the variety you’re using (black mustard and garlic mustard tend to be more pungent). You can even forage for mustard greens, depending on where you live.

Mustard greens are also exceptionally nutritious. They’re loaded with fiber, contain lots of beneficial micronutrients, and are chock-full of Vitamin C and K.

But most importantly, they’re the key ingredient in Martha Stewart’s Chorizo-and-Mustard-Greens Tacos. Once you taste the contrast of peppery mustard greens with spicy, salty chorizo tucked into a corn tortilla, you’ll find yourself pairing the ingredients up in other recipes, too.

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