New Study Says We Need To Be Eating More Bread

Plate with bread and butter

Fire up the toaster – new research says we aren’t getting enough grain-based foods in our diet.

The study – which was conducted by the Grain Foods Foundation, so take this new info with a grain of salt (or a slathering of sodium rich vegemite) – analysed dietary surveys from more than 10,000 American adults.

Guidelines say 30 per cent of an individual’s diet should consist of grainy foods but their findings show that they currently make up less than 15 per cent.

Australian guidelines similarly recommend consuming at least four to six serves of grain foods per day and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ most recent Health Survey only three in ten of us are hitting our quota.

Researchers say this casualty of the food group cutting trend will result in people missing essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

“The nutrient contribution of all whole and refined grain food products, including breads, rolls and tortillas and ready-to-eat cereals, can play a key role in helping American adults meet recommendations for under-consumed nutrients and nutrients of public health concern,” co-author Yanni Papanikolaou says.

But this probably doesn’t mean we can go to town on the toasties – go for the whole grain option of your carb of choice and avoid processed products like muffins.

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