Pizza Rat Is Alive and Well and Still Eating Pizza … B*tches

Did you wake up this morning and think “Hey, I wonder how Pizza Rat is doing. I hope he/she/they are still living his/her/their truth and enjoying every slice to his/her/their heart’s content?” Good news! Mornings on 1 producer Michael Courant captured Pizza Rat on the above Instagram video and proved he/she/they are, indeed, still pizza-ing extremely hard.

Listen, before you come at me with your “how do YOU know that rat is the same rat who stole hearts and opened minds back in 2015 when he/she/they frantically dragged a slice of pizza down the L train steps, creating a perfect analogy for the disgusting lives we’ve all created for ourselves here in New York City? How do you know this rat isn’t Garbage Rat or Pole-Dancing Rat or Costume Pizza Rat or even one of the two stars who, in 2017, rose to Watch-Pizza-Rat’s-Offspring-Have-a-Full-Blown-Fight-Over-a-French-Fry fame? HOW DO YOU KNOW, HMMM??“-type comments, let me tell you: I just know.

If that answer doesn’t suffice (…why you wouldn’t just take my word on this, I have no idea, but FINE), how’s this? I asked people in my office who live in this city what they thought and they agreed. See??

Eliza, who lives in Brooklyn and (who I now know) used to own rats:

Hannah, who also lives in Brooklyn and believes:

Mylan, who also believes, she just thinks she’s funny right now.

This is all to say long live Pizza Rat. May he/she/they pizza on in peace.

This is also all to say thanks for nothing to some of my other coworkers, many of whom used this video as an opportunity to remind me I live in a rat-infested hell hole. 🙂

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