PSA: These Brownies Will Apparently Help You Combat Your Period Woes

Typically, we don’t often look forward to our period, but that might change if there were delicious brownies accompanying its arrival.

That’s what Moon Cycle Bakery is banking (and baking) on.

This US-based startup offers a monthly delivery of sweet treats, which they say are specifically designed (with the help of a dietitian) to assist in balancing hormones, boosting nutrients and combating PMS symptoms.

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Their options – including Matcha Coconut Bites, Raspberry Black Bean Brownies, and Ginger, Honey and Chocolate Cups – are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, low-glycemic and organic. They’re also packed with added vitamins and minerals like magnesium, which can balance blood sugar and relax muscles and cramps, and adaptogens, which are Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs said to decrease cortisol and assist with stress response.

So instead of going to town on a family block of top deck to alleviate those time-of-the-month-cravings, you can enjoy a delicious dessert guilt-free.

You can set up an account that tracks your cycle and sends out your treats accordingly, or if you’re a bit less regular, you can can order one off deliveries. It’ll set you back $15 USD for one treat, $20 USD for two and $30 USD for three, with free shipping.

We’re not sure if they send internationally but you can bet we’re figuring that out ASAP.

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