Scandi Sense Diet Dubbed The “Simplest Diet In The World”

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With the never ending number of diets available it can be difficult to decide on one that will work for you. But you don’t need squillions of smoothie ingredients, a complicated workout routine or to cut out major food groups in order to hit your health and fitness goals, keeping it simple can still offer major, sustainable results.

Case in point: the Scandi Sense Diet. It’s been dubbed the “simplest diet in the world.”

It involves using your hands to measure your meal portions, which include one handful of protein, one handful of carbohydrate and two handfuls of vegetables plus one spoon of fat (including products like olive oil, nuts, seeds, mayonnaise, avocado, aioli and pesto, as well as butter, cream, fatty cheese and dark chocolate). That’s it.

You can also eat dessert or have a glass of wine if you cut the carb portion on your plate during the day. It also advises drinking 1–1½ litres of water a day while black coffee, black tea and diet soft drinks can be drunk with common sense. If you want you can eat/drink up to 300ml of dairy products a day.

Suzy Wengel, the Danish dietitian behind the eating plan, told Business Insider that she lost 40 kilograms in 10 months by following these simple instructions.

“My weight has been stable for over six years using the principles in ‘The Scandi Sense Diet.’” she said.

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She goes into further detail on Instagram. 

After seventeen years I finally stopped yo-yo dieting and overeating,” she wrote. “There is no magic behind my method and tools — just a healthy and balanced view on diet and exercise.”

If you’re wondering exactly what this approach to eating looks like, Suzy shares plenty of pictures of her daily meals and encourages others (44,000 in fact) to do the same using the hashtag #sensekost.

Too easy. 

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