Starbucks Is Selling a Shiny, Holographic Mermaid Tumbler You’ll Want ASAP

Starbucks does not give us a moment to breathe—new hot drinks, new Frappuccinos, and new cups are coming out almost daily right now. I’m not even mad about it, though, especially because this reusable mermaid Starbucks tumbler is straight out of a fairytale.

The coffee joint just released their Valentine’s Day collection, which is full of glitter, floral, pink, and heart-patterned cups and mugs galore. This mermaid tumbler seems to have been released at the same time as the V-day collection, but it’s not as seasonally festive, making it an amazing option for everyone out there who thinks Valentine’s Day is kind of overrated.

These magical cups are holographic-looking and shiny, with a delicate scale-like design on it that gives off mermaid vibes without screaming “I wish I had a tail instead of two feet.” The iridescent look is similar to the pearly, spiked cup from last Valentine’s day.

This mermaid cup has been spotted by quite a few Instagram users who were sure to show off their new Starbucks swag to their followers. One user, @azurestandstorm, posted a photo of her tumbler next to a mermaid keychain with the caption, “Am I taking the mermaid theme too far?” Uhhh, obviously not!

I’d like to think that this mermaid design is a subtle nod at the mysterious siren on the Starbucks logo, or maybe it really is just a cute, sparkly cup for all those people on their third cup of coffee to get through the day. Who knows! Either way, this cup is next-level fun and definitely a cool year-round alternative to a Valentine’s cup.

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