There's Now Avocado Chocolate

LA-based chocolatier Compartés has developed avocado chocolate, because apparently this whole obsession with avocado hasn’t gone far enough (apart from face masks, milkshakes, burgers and dedicating an entire restaurant to it).

Combining white chocolate with sustainably grown, organic Californian avos, this sweet treat is a collaboration between Compartés and the California Avocado Commission. 

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The brand also stocks a vegan kale healthy dark chocolate bar, which boasts a combination of kale crisps, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, plus it’s sugar-free. 

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They’re also responsible for some of the more indulgent sounding flavours, such as S’mores, Biscuits and Honey, and Birthday Cake.

The bars sell for about $13 AUD each, and, yes, they ship internationally.

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*adds to cart*

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