These Trader Joe’s Chocolate Christmas Ornaments Make Hot Cocoa in Seconds

We’re suckers for any food that’s disguised as a cute, seasonal item — and these totally realistic Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Ornaments take the cake. The cult-followed grocery store just announced the limited arrival of this chocolatey seasonal item that turns any steamed beverage — dairy or not — into a warm cup of hot cocoa goodness. 

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Trader Joe’s official Instagram account displayed a box of the hot cocoa ornaments, which upon first glance just look like a set of pretty, traditional Christmas balls. The GIF shows an unwrapped, edible hot cocoa bomb ornament being thrown into a mug of warm milk, and the filling of the ball — miniature chocolate chips and marshmallows — scattered around it.  

#TraderJoes #HotCocoa Ornaments certainly look like actual #Christmas tree ornaments… But rather than being hung, these #ornaments are meant to be dunked!” the Trader Joe’s Instagram caption reads. It goes on to explain just how to use these yummy seasonal treats, which are priced at $6.99 for a set of four. “Once submerged in a steaming mug of milk or nondairy beverage, their shimmering, minty, #MilkChocolate shells slowly melt away, revealing a secret stash of marshmallows and chocolate chips! Stir until dissolved, then enjoy a mug of the most decorative #HotChocolate you ever did drink.”

So, you remove the decorative wrapping, and drop the chocolate ornament into a cup of steamed milk. Once the chocolate has dissolved, stir it and enjoy a perfectly crafted cup of hot cocoa. 

We think the minty chocolate shell is a nice touch, too.

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