This Inspirational Transformation Proves That Gains Are More Important Than Losses

We’ve all heard that muscle weighs more than fat but using the numbers on the scale as a measure of a healthy body is a mistake we all make.

Instagrammer and Kayla Itsines fan @helbbg inspirational before and after pictures prove that the scales mean nothing. In her before and after pictures on Instagram there is a weight gain of 1.5kg something that you don’t see often but her whole body has completely transformed.

The 20-year-olds, 21-month transformation is not measured by the weight she has lost but how her life has changed completely.

“For me, it’s not the scale that determines whether progress has been made over the past 21 months. It’s things like not having to hang my arm by my side to hide my love handles, not getting breathless climbing just one flight of stairs, throwing away my Spanx and 100000% most importantly feeling happy, healthy and confident in myself.”

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