TV chef Sarah Wiener criticized slave-like conditions in slaughterhouses

The TV chef and Green-Europe Deputy Sarah Wiener looks “slave like conditions” in slaughterhouses and in the entire food industry. “All people have the right to eat a healthy diet,” she said in an Interview with the editors network of Germany.

They called for a radical Reform of EU agriculture policy: "We are not allowed to subsidize only the area, but need to create a subsidy system, that the small farmers and, ultimately, our Gesundheit".

Sarah Wiener: "Covid-19 is just the tip of the Eisbergs"

The TV cook, has been sitting for a year for the Austrian Greens in the European Parliament and operates in the Uckermark an organic farm. "Covid-19 is just the tip of the Eisbergs", Vienna: &quot stressed;The fuse for the next bomb is already placed." Through the mass animal husbandry dangerous germs would be more.

A Kilo of meat "cheaper than a Parking hour in Munich-Mitte"

A Kilo of meat was "cheaper than a Parking hour in Munich-center, or a cinema ticket. I wonder when we will finally have the courage to ändern&quot something radical to it;, so Vienna more. That a consumer would have to make pressure on politicians, but also their patterns of consumption change.

However, there are unfortunately many people who could not afford healthy food, added the MEP. The social issue should, however, be against the ecological question is outweighed. If necessary, the Rents or the prices of public transport would have to be reduced. People with less money should not be forced to have to take substandard or harmful food.

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