Watch This Guy Review Every Flavor of Keto Ice Cream at Wal-Mart

Author and YouTuber Thomas DeLauer lost over 100 pounds during his body transformation, through working out as well as overhauling an array of other lifestyle factors, intermittent fasting and taking the time to focus on his mental health. He has spoken before about how the keto diet played a role in him being able to both achieve and sustain his weight loss goals, and has made several videos since going keto about his experiences, as well as how and where to find keto-friendly meal options.

In his most recent video, DeLauer, hits up Wal-Mart and buys as many flavors of low-carb, keto-friendly ice cream as he can find, in order to conduct a highly scientific taste test. “You’re not going to find ‘healthy’ ice cream, it’s just about finding the best ice cream that’s going to fit your keto lifestyle,” he says. “If something tastes amazing, but it doesn’t make the ingredient cutoff that I would recommend, then I’m not going to recommend it.”

For example, DeLauer scours the label of each carton of ice cream in order to flag ingredients like erythritol, artificial sweeteners which manufacturers include as a way of cutting down on a product’s sugar content, and enriched wheat flour. “That’s just straight up gluten,” he says.

Not all sweeteners are no-nos, however: “Allulose actually can inhibit some of the sugar from absorbing,” he explains. “Allulose occupies the same transporter out of the gut as glucose does, so when you combine allulose with sugar, you may not get the same blood sugar spike.”

At the end of the video, after trying a lot of ice cream, DeLauer has narrowed down a few options as his favorites, including peanut butter fudge from Englightened for flavor, strawberry from Rebel for taste and a “clean ingredient profile,” and peanut butter chocolate from Real Good.

“When you’re on keto, at the end of the day, look at those net carbs,” he says, “and what kind of variety of flavor you’re going to get out of that net carb range is going to tell you a lot.”

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