Whitney Port Has Never Eaten Pasta — No, We're Not Kidding

You first met her back in 2006 when she appeared in the hit show The Hills and then again when she got her own spinoff show, The City, in 2008. Now, Whitney Port’s days look a whole lot different than they did back when she was working for Diane von Fürstenberg in Manhattan. 

Port married Tim Rosenman in 2015, and together, they welcomed a beautiful son named Sonny in 2017. Now, Port is back in Los Angeles and somehow manages to run a fashion company, lifestyle brand and raise an almost 1-year-old all at the same time.  

We recently chatted with Port, and not only did she give us a peek inside her fridge, but she also dropped some major bombshells like — ahem —  she has never eaten pasta. Not once. In her whole life. We were as shocked as you probably are right now. 

SheKnows: Tell us a little bit about what’s in your fridge.

Whitney Port: We have dips from the farmers market as well as olives with blue cheese, which I love to snack on! We also have Lactaid milk and a bunch of different fresh veggies for salad, which is a go-to for dinner. We also have little make-ahead pancakes for Sonny.

Image: Whitney Port.

SK: Are there any items that you always make sure to keep in stock? 

WP: I always make sure to keep Lactaid milk in the fridge. It’s 100 percent real dairy, just without the lactose. My husband is lactose intolerant, and we love the creamy deliciousness it provides, so it has become the only milk we have in our house. We use it in everything from the smoothies we like to make to refuel post-workout to banana bread to eating it with our cereal. 

SK: What’s your go-to healthy snack? 

WP: My go-to healthy snack is banana muffins with no added sugar or butter.  I make them in really small muffin tins so they’re bite-sized and perfect for on-the-go!

SK: Sonny is almost a year old already! What are some of his favorite foods right now?

WP: He loves banana and egg pancakes, toast with avocado and goat cheese. I also make roasted chicken thighs with olive oil and garlic that I shred so it’s easy for him to eat.

SK: Can you give us an example of one of your favorite weeknight meals? 

WP: My favorite meal that’s also super-easy to make is flank steak with arugula and a sprinkle of Parmesan. Timmy will BBQ the steak, and I’ll handle the salad. It’s an easy, no-brainer dish for those busy days!

SK: Did your cooking habits change when you became a mother? If so, in what ways? 

WP: The biggest thing that changed is that we cook less! We don’t have as much time to make homemade meals anymore.

SK: What would you consider the ultimate comfort food?

WP: My ultimate comfort food is steak and mashed potatoes!

SK: Everyone has a signature dish that they can make really well. What’s yours?

WP: My signature dish is a dessert — I’m better at baking than cooking. It’s a crisp that can be made with any kind of fruit — berries, peaches (when they’re in season), apples — you name it!

SK: Any foods you absolutely can’t stand? 

WP: I hate anchovies. I’ve also never eaten pasta in my entire life either!

SK: Any dishes you’re excited to try this summer? 

WP: I’m going to Italy for the first time in a week and I think I’m going to actually try pasta there! I feel like I have to, right?!

SK: If you could only use one small kitchen appliance (microwave, blender, slow cooker, etc.) for an entire month, which one would you choose?

WP: I would use a toaster oven!

SK: How would you describe the style of your home?

WP: I would say the style of my home is California chic with an emphasis on comfort.

SK: As a busy mom, do you have any tips or hacks for keeping your home organized? 

WP: One of the greatest things I’ve ever done was create two drawers for Sonny’s bottle and bottle parts. I went to The Container Store and bought drawer dividers. When you have a kid, you realize all of the little parts that come with the contraptions that they need, and it’s so hard to keep organized. We also have one large area in our home for Sonny to roam free and play, so we have a huge bin where we store all his toys.

Well, now we know what we are getting Whitney for Christmas — a massive box filled with every kind of pasta. 

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