Your Stress-Free Guide To Travelling On A Plant-Based Diet

You only need to take one look at Instagram to see the growing list of travel influencers who are vegan (@tashoakley, @travel_inhershoes, @elsas_wholesomelife and @gypsea_lust to name but a few.)

Just how do they do it? While many luxe hotels have chefs that cater for dietary requirements, for the rest of us mere mortals, travelling the world on a plant-based diet is way easier said than done (thanks, language barrier).

Insert, Tara Kennaway. Intrepid Travel expert and fellow vegan. Here, she’s pulled together 5 top tips for maintaining your healthy habits on the go.

1. Plan ahead

Do some research before you travel to find out what plant-based foods are commonly available or part of local diets, as well as what animal products might be “hidden” in traditional cooking such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, meat stocks and ghee.

2. Ask around

Look for online listings of local vegetarian or vegan cafes in the destinations you are travelling in. Check out or vegan blogs. Chat to other customers when you visit local plant-based eateries and ask for more recommendations. It’s great to connect with local vegan and vegetarian communities.

 3. Be understanding

Practice patience when ordering in restaurants and cafes that aren’t used to catering for vegans and vegetarians. Many people might not understand why you don’t want animal products in your dishes (“but it only has a little bit!”), especially in countries where meat is seen as a luxury.

4. Load up on basics

Have some snacks with you in case it’s difficult to find a vegetarian or vegan meal. You don’t want to get hangry whilst on holiday! Seek out markets and supermarkets to stock up when you can.

5. Spell it out

Look up or ask an English speaking local how to say “I’m vegetarian” and words for meat, eggs, dairy and fish in the local language so you can check ingredients in dishes and order suitable meals.

Intrepid Travel has recently launched Vegan Food Adventures. The new tours will depart next year and travel to vegan-friendly destinations – India, Thailand and Italy. For more information click here. 

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