13 Obscure Sex Acts You Might Not Know About (But May Want to Try)

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There are plenty of mainstream, tried-and-true ways to get down and dirty with a partner. Then there’s a whole other realm of taboo sex acts. You know, things generally left to porn videos or erotic reading material. You may think you’ve heard of everything when it comes to sex — but you could be totally wrong.

Some of these acts may make your skin crawl, but some find them sexy — and we do not kink shame in this house! When it comes to sexual proclivities, we’re all one-of-a-kind snowflakes, and there’s no right or wrong way to do the deed. (Within legal reason, of course.)

But if you’re looking to expand your carnal repertoire, consider these 13 under-the-radar sex acts. They may not be for everyone, but what’s “ewww” or “ouch” to one person may be another’s Big O.


Coined by sex advice columnist Dan Savage, this term refers to when a man is penetrated anally with a strap-on dildo by his female lover.


Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like — oral sex performed on the anus. Aka: rimming, like the fudge bowl.


A fetishistic act in which a guy likes getting his balls kicked, kneed or, in extreme forms, “busted” by hammers or high heels. Ouch.

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This could be a guy whose female significant other is green-lit to have sex with other men. Or it’s a scenario in which men get off on watching their wife or girlfriend have sex with other men.

DP or double penetration

When a woman is penetrated anally and vaginally — at the same time.


E-stim, as it’s often called, or shock therapy incorporated into sex involves stimulating nerves in the genitals and erogenous zones via a series of electrical shocks. You can even score sex toys specifically made for e-stim play — like a violet wand.


The insertion of a whole hand into a vagina or sometimes anus. Apparently the filled-up feeling is orgasmic for some women.

Prostate Milking

Also called prostate massage, this is where you use the prostate to its fullest potential using toys or a hand (rubber gloves and fingers can be excellent here) to help a partner achieve prostate orgasms.


Imagine a gathering of three or more participants engaged in a sexual free-for-all. Aka: group sex.


This messy act involves having oral sex with a woman on her period. Aka: earning your red wings.


Are you ticklish? For knismophiles, that’s super hot. This is a kink or fetish for tickling or being tickled, often considered a lighter (and significantly more giggly) form of impact play using fingers, feathers, electric toothbrushes and anything else on-hand that can be super tickly.

Forced Orgasms

An off-shoot of “consensual non-consent,” this is where one partner gets off over and over and over again, beyond the point of when it starts to feel super sensitive at the hands of their more dominant partner (because after one or two times, even the most multi-orgasmic person might succomb to oversensitivity!). It’s often mixed in with BDSM and power-play, impact play or other fetishes.


The act of inserting a steel, medical-grade sounding rod into a guy’s pee hole, aka urethra, to inflict pleasure and pain. Some people use alternative items, like a toothbrush handle (and we understand teh struggle of household sex toy users, but highly discourage putting non-body safe materials into an orifice like the urethra. Kink responsibly, kiddos!

A version of this story was published April 2016.

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