29 Times Britney Spears Was the Fitness Hero We Needed

… though we’ll probably never look as cool as Britney did that one time she showed off her moves to her 2016 single, “Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés).”

When Britney wrote, “found my white booty shorts” under an Instagram gym selfie, Miley had the perfect comment: “Yasss.”

Britney’s Instagram video shows her getting her sweat on to Janet Jackson’s “All Night (Don’t Stop).”

“I love cardio and sweating, but overdoing anything just isn’t good,” Spears wrote on Instagram. “It’s been nice working out a little less these last few weeks and enjoying my time off with my children!!!!”

Britney teasingly stuck out her tongue, but all of our focus is on her ripped abs and toned legs. 

Britney showed off the results of her consistent workouts with a jaw-dropping selfie. 

Forget her teeny white bikini — we can’t keep our eyes off the singer’s svelte bod. Excuse us while we plank for the next two hours.

“Beautiful day for an outdoor workout!!!” Britney captioned an Instagram video of herself exercising to her 2007 tune “Hot As Ice.”

Britney’s dumbell lifts were on point, and so was her makeup.

Look at those perfectly pointed toes! And in a bikini top, no less.

“Back at the gym,” she casually captioned the post. “Stretch and run all the way.”

She said that, “training keeps me motivated and inspired … but I’d rather be dancing.” Same, Brit. Same.

Fitness outside of the gym!

She held that position for over a minute, without shaking. Hero.

“Gotta get those workouts in, even on the road,” Britney captioned her Instagram.

Whoever said you need a gym to stay fit clearly hasn’t witnessed Britney’s moves while on vacation in Thailand.

Proof Britney has zero qualms about showing off her super-toned bod: She’s so confident that standing on boyfriend Sam Asghari’s shoulders during a pool day and filming the whole thing for Instagram is NBD.

The only thing that make curls and squats a little easier? Blasting Fergie’s 2006 hit at the gym.

And showed off how flexible she really is.

Our jaws will never not be on the floor when Brit practices her moves.

This guy had no chance: No one challenges Queen Brit and comes out on top.

While we’d unwind with a Netflix binge sesh, Britney uses her downtime to go hiking … before jumping into another string of Vegas performances.

Walking on the treadmill while lifting weights after a cheat meal at the Cheesecake Factory? Get you a girl who can do both.

And we have no doubt the singer-songwriter will reach her goal.

Mirror selfies = the new way to humblebrag about your rock-hard tummy.

Isn’t she lucky? Britney has a squad on the big stage and at the gym.

Spreading good vibes while defining #abgoals? Phenomenal.

Okay, not really … but this move is on-point enough to fool the most seasoned of yogis.

Because she’s cool and strong like that.

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