Are you going through the ‘manopause’? Doctor shares the signs that ‘mimic the menopause’

Penny Lancaster discusses her menopause 'brain fog'

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As men age, their testosterone levels decrease and this decline can cause a spate of symptoms similar to the menopause. The media commonly brands this phenomenon as the “manopause”. Speaking to Phill and Holly on ITV’s This Morning, men’s health expert doctor Jeff Foster said the term is unhelpful but it does capture what is happening in some important ways.

“Testosterone deficiency is exactly the same process,” he said.

According to doctor Foster, testosterone increase to the age of 30 and drops about one percent a year based on age decline.

As he explaied, if you were someone that has low testosterone to start with, symptoms can follow.

Signs to of low testosterone to look for include brain fog, low sex drive and depression,  added doctor Foster.

The acute effects of low testosterone are not surprising.

As doctor Foster explained, testosterone provides metabolic benefits such as muscle mass, bone density and improved concentration.

He treated a patient who was suffering from the symptoms of the low testosterone.

Joining doctor Foster on This Morning, Chris Bell shared his symptoms.

Mr Bell experienced tiredness, lapses in concentration and fatigue.

His doctor initially brushed off his symptoms as a sign of the ageing process, he explained.

How can you treat low testosterone levels?

According to the NHS, your GP may also order a blood test to measure your testosterone levels.

If the results suggest you have a testosterone deficiency, you may be referred to an endocrinologist, a specialist in hormone problems.

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