Doctors print artificial skull in 3D

Your skull bone grew and grew, the pressure on the brain was always stronger, but the Doctors were able to help their patients: Using a new skull from the 3D printer.

Doctors at the University hospital of Utrecht in the Netherlands is managed, a 22-year-old patient, an artificial skull, which comes from the 3D printer. The reported. An Operation of this kind in the world to have been the first informed the hospital of the page, according to.

The interference had been necessary, because the skull of the woman was getting thicker, and your brain squeezed. Their skull had already been 5 inches thick, normal to about 1.5 inches are. The Doctors have decided to replace the whole bone with a plastic skull, the producer of an Australian company with the 3D printer. The 23-hour Operation was a complete success, announced to the hospital according to.

The plastic implant not only looks beautiful

“Before the implants were manufactured by Hand, from a kind of cement. This was far from ideal,“ said the attending neurologist to the Portal. “With a 3D printer, we can manufacture exactly the right size. The have not only aesthetic benefits. The brain of the patient recovering better than with the old method.

The intervention is now three months, the woman went back to work and have no symptoms. The clinic said the Portal, the technology could possibly be used for other diseases or problems with the bones.

In the past year had “reported” about a man whose skull is bone, three-quarters of an implant from the 3D printer.