Fear of nuclear accident: the government is increasing the iodine tablets in stock to 190 million

The Pension for a severe reactor accident in Germany wants to increase its stockpile of iodine tablets significantly. According to CTR research, the Federal office for radiation protection (BfS) has ordered from a manufacturer in Austria, 190 million of these tablets. The tablets should be distributed in the event of a release of radioactive material to the population.

The decision to increase the iodine tablets stocks according to the BfS on a recommendation of the Commission on radiological protection (SSK). After the nuclear disaster of Fukushima, the Advisory body to the Federal government, had suggested that the circle of potential recipients of the iodine tablets to the release of radioactivity to significantly increase.

“Fukushima has taught us two things”

“Fukushima has taught us two things: one is, that one must also reckon with the reactor accident of INES level 7, so heavier, than was previously assumed,” said the Essen-based radiation biologist and former Chairman of the SSK, Prof. Wolfgang Müller, in the WDR. “And, second, that it can also give multi-day releases, which means that under certain circumstances, the wind directions change, and a lot more areas are affected, as that would be after a one-day release of the case.”

The risk of a meltdown of the nearby nuclear power plants is, according to Müller, in spite of the 2022 nuclear phase – out is real, especially because of the numerous border. The cities Aachen region had Tihange two years ago, because of the risks of the neighboring Belgian NUCLEAR power plant as a precaution, iodine tablets to all residents under 45 years of output.

For the distribution of the tablets, the Federal States are responsible

The cost for the increase in the nationwide iodine tablets-inventories are according to the Federal office for radiation protection in the case of the EUR 8.4 million (net) and will be borne by the Federal government. Be stored the 190 million tablets in a decentralized manner. For this and for the eventual distribution of the Federal States are responsible.

The use of high doses of Iodine should prevent a severe reactor accident, that radioactive cesium accumulates in the thyroid and cancer can cause. PCP Michelle suffers from a mysterious disease now makes them other people the courage