Foods For Better Skin This Winter

So you’re spending an extra 10 minutes moisturizing every morning and still dealing with dry, flaky skin—what gives? It’s not just your beauty routine that needs adjusting this time of year, it’s also your diet. Check out the best foods for keeping your complexion glowy and gorgeous this winter: 


This cold-water fish is filled with omega-3 fats to keep your skin cells performing at their best. “A healthy cell membrane helps to get nutrients into the cell while allowing the waste to go out,” says dietitian, Elizabeth Ward. Plus, omega-3s help reduce inflammation throughout the entire body, including your skin, says Ward. That means no more red, itchy arms. 


Vitamin E packs a ton of antioxidant properties that are crucial for skin health, but it’s often found in foods with a lot of calories, says Ward. Instead of boosting your diet with supplements, Ward suggests vitamin-E enriched eggs like Eggland’s Best, which contain half of your daily requirement in two eggs. “You can get the other half with a handful of almonds,” says Ward. This extra vitamin E helps protect against free radicals, which means less skin irritation and a healthier complexion. 


They may not be in season right now, but frozen berries are just as good for increasing your water intake in the winter months, says Ward. “When you’re dehydrated, you’re not getting enough nutrients to the skin cells,” she says. So in addition to drinking tons of water, add more water-rich foods to your diet.


Leafy greens like spinach and kale contain lutein, a plant compound that helps shield against UV rays, says Ward. And while you may not hit the beach this winter, your skin still needs protection year-round. Even a slight sunburn can make you drier and more irritated than normal. Because lutein is better absorbed when eaten with a source of fat, Ward suggests adding a little olive oil to your salad or cooking your spinach in oil to reap the most benefits.

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