Hepatitis: What should parents be looking out for? Dr Nighat on how to spot deadly disease

Hepatitis: GP gives advice on spotting virus in children

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“The good news is that this is rare, although the numbers are higher in Britain,” said Dr Nighat speaking on BBC’s Breakfast. While Britain seems to experience the majority of cases, the hepatitis outbreak is a global problem that sees cases popping up around the world in the likes of India, Spain and more.

The TV doctor continued: “This is something that is unprecedented, we don’t see this level of hepatitis in children so that’s something that’s concerning us.

“We definitely need to do more research in finding out what’s the underlying cause.”

Dr Nighat then broke down the tell-tale signs into “simple things” to help parents know what to look for.

One of the main symptoms that can raise alarm bells is yellowing of the skin.

The doctor said: “You can get yellowing skin or yellowing of the eyes.

“You might get itchy skin as well. Your child might have dark urine and pale stools.

“They might complain of cramps and lots of fatigue. They might also complain of loss of appetite.

“And they might get spiking temperatures which we can’t seem to get under grip.”

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