HIMSSCast: A new playbook for digital transformation in the age of COVID-19 and beyond

COVID-19 has accelerated a digital transformation that was already underway in hospitals across the United States. Now two healthcare experts — Paddy Padmanabhan, founder and CEO of Damo Consulting, a digital transformation advisory firm, and longtime healthcare CIO Ed Marx, now chief digital officer of HCI Group — have written a new playbook to help providers accelerate that transformation, while developing what they call a “digital road map” to help ensure lasting value from IT investments.

Healthcare IT News Executive Editor Mike Miliard sat down with Padmanabhan this week to discuss the book, the lessons therein, and other trends in healthcare, including patient engagement and the evolving role of the electronic health record. Enjoy the conversation.


Talking points:

  • Who should lead digital transformation in healthcare? 
  • The digital transformation road map
  • Telehealth’s role in digital transformation
  • How the pandemic is changing the landscape of virtual care
  • The growing importance of patient loyalty and patient choice
  • How the EHR is evolving
  • AI, machine learning, voice recognition, and other promising new technologies
  • Thoughts on the new info blocking rules

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