How This Pregnant Woman's Terrifying Health Scare Made Her Love Her Stretch Marks

It’s a natural and common result of carrying a watermelon-size human in the small space between your hips for nine months, but so many mums stress over stretch marks.

For one mum, it took a night in the hospital ER to embrace the “beautiful” scars. The woman behind @_healthy_fit_mama has shared her harrowing experience on Instagram.

“I went 8 months with only two or three little stretch marks and then BAM! Woke up like this,” she captioned an image of her stretch marked stomach. “I remember crying thinking, ‘I’ll never be able to wear a bikini!” or “will my husband even find me attractive anymore?’”

That all changed after a terrifying health scare. 

“I remember the night I woke up and hadn’t felt my baby move; I was in a panic. I woke my husband up crying thinking something horrible had happened. We rushed to the ER and horrible thoughts flooded my mind. I didn’t care if my whole body was covered in stretch marks if it meant my baby was okay. I didn’t care if this heartburn lasts forever just please let my baby be okay.”

She says there were so many miserable moment during her pregnancy but at that point, all she cared about was if her baby was going to be ok.

“The second I heard her little heartbeat on the monitor a wave of relief, joy, and pure bliss overwhelmed me.”

“In that moment I remembered that my body is creating life. My body is stretching to accommodate my precious baby and that was okay.”

Now when she looks down at her “beautiful stretch marks” she is reminded of her strength and the life they’ve created.

And if that’s not enough to inspire you to embrace your bits, we don’t know what is.

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