Jessica Biel Reveals Why She’s Cut This From Her Diet

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 16: Jessica Biel attends American Express x Justin Timberlake "Man Of The Woods" listening session at Skylight Clarkson Sq on January 16, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for American Express)

Jessica Biel has revealed everything she eats in a day and boy are we jealous.

“We’ll start off with Paleo pancakes with some cashew or almond butter on top with some local honey, and we like chicken-apple sausage, and then maybe a fresh juice from the Juicero machine, which we love, we have some green tea with honey – that’s a pretty normal morning for me,” she told LA Times.

As for lunch, The Sinner star likes to source ingredients from her garden.

“If I’m home for lunch, I run out to the garden and grab some leaves and throw together a quick salad, maybe throw some quinoa in there or something, or I like these veggie burgers that you can get from Whole Foods or Erewhon and you can grill it up and throw it on top with some nuts.”

Her snacks usually include gluten-free pretzels with a “really yummy” almond “cheese” dip.

“And then dinner, if we’re home, it would be cooking up some salmon, some rice, grilling some vegetables, or going out and having some chicken, something a little heartier for dinner.”

While the 36-year-old says she’s all about balance when it comes to her eating habits, the actor also praised the benefits of cutting back on gluten and dairy.

“Honestly I just feel better when I don’t have gluten or wheat or dairy,” the mum-of-one said. “My digestion is better, I feel better, I have more energy… I mean, of course I have cheat-days and will go out and have, like, cookies and pizza.” 

FYI – experts worth their salt aren’t on board with eliminating entire food groups so before you make like Biel, speak to your GP or see a dietitian. 

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