Male and female travelers’ ‘transformations’

A new University of Otago-led study has revealed men and women experience change while travelling in similar ways.

Consumers are increasingly seeking activities that help them achieve new levels of enrichment and since the lift of COVID-19 travel restrictions, they are more conscious of the value they want to gain from their holidays.

The study, published in the international journal Tourism Recreation Research, examines male and female travellers’ subjective travel experiences and identifies nine types of tourist transformation, a process people undergo when they experience change during a trip.

Lead author Dr Jessica Mei Pung, of the Department of Marketing, says of the types identified, there was a significant difference between men and women’s experiences in just two – reflection and transformative learning outcomes.

“Female travellers have a greater engagement in consciousness and self-examination compared with males,” Dr Pung says.

“Secondly, female travellers show a greater achievement of self-efficacy as a result of facing challenges and solving problems during their trips.

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