Man complains of ear pain – Doctors found cockroaches family in his ear

Doctors in China could not believe their eyes, as they studied a 24-year-old patient. The young man was admitted with a “stabbing pain” in his right ear in the “Sanhe”-hospital.

The Patient reported to the throat, nose, ears-Spezialisent of the hospital, Zhong Yijin, that he was in great pain in his ear. He described the pain as if something is scratching in it, or it would crawl. The &quot reported;New York Post" relying on the news portal "AsiaWire".

Ten newly hatched cockroaches discovered

In addition, the man explained that his family had examined his ear with a flashlight and a large beetle discovered. A little later the doctor confirmed the fears of the young man. A German cockroach had taken up residence in his ear canal and all eggs laid. "I have more than gefunden&quot ten hatched cockroaches;, Zhong Yijin said.

Finally, it turned out that the 24-year-old Patient had the habit of placing food next to his bed. It is therefore very likely that the cockroaches were attracted by the food and his ear as a breeding place wanted to take.

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