'Married At First Sight' Bride Gabrielle Bartlett Reveals Battle With Toxic Shock Syndrome

Married At First Sight star Gabrielle Bartlett may have made her debut on the hit Channel 9 show last night, but the star reveals she’s got more important things to worry about as she’s recently been diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome.

Speaking to Confidential, the reality TV contestant confirmed she has recently been in hospital, suffering from the potentially life-threatening toxic shock syndrome.

“My family and I get quite teary about how serious this could have been had my sister not taken me to hospital a couple of weeks ago,” Bartlett said.

“Had that not happened I would have been a lot worse,” the 44-year-old told the publication.

Toxic shock syndrome is brought on by a bacterial infection. For patients who also suffer low blood pressure – which Bartlett does – it can turn fatal.

The former actress told the newspaper that she realised something was up with her health at the end of filming the reality show, when she noticed her energy levels were lower than normal and that she had signs of weight loss in a rapid amount of time.

After seeing her family – who also noticed the changes – the star realised how serious her health condition was and rushed to hospital.

“The infection came to a head and unfortunately I have low blood pressure, meaning things went pear-shaped,” she said.

“But I’m home now and getting better daily. The human body is so resilient,” she says.

The star also revealed that her health scare made her realise her priority to meet a potential lover even more.

 “The one gap is love. It’s easy to find someone, but (harder) to find someone with the right ingredients for me and that’s what I’ve struggled with,” she said.

“I’ve spent the last four years being single and, where I’m at, it was time to put my hat in the ring.”

Best of luck!

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