Mum-of-three who 'dies' three times a month claims she's met Jesus

I ‘die’ three times a month – and I’ve met Jesus, Walt Disney and my own dead dad during my out-of-body episodes

  • Beverley Gilmour claims to suffer near-death experiences three times a month
  • The aspiring researcher said she talks to Jesus and dead relatives during them 
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It’s a question that scientists have wondered for decades — will we ever be able to communicate with the dead?

But for Beverley Gilmour, this isn’t merely a concept peddled by sci-fi blockbusters. It’s her reality.

For the 57-year-old, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in her 20s, claims to have met Walt Disney during an out-of-body experience.

Yet her encounters don’t end there. The mother-of-three, from Birkenhead, has also developed a ‘private relationship’ with Jesus since her first bizarre rendezvous in the 1980s, she asserts.

Ms Gilmour suffers the experiences about three times a month. 

The 57-year-old started having these episodes in 1987 and has since claimed to have met some interesting spirits so far

Beverley Gilmour, 57, from Birkenhead, has revealed to MailOnline that she believes she has up to three near-death experiences every month

Ms Gilmour is not religious but claims to have visits from Jesus during her frequent near-death experiences 

Ms Gilmour said she has had detailed interactions with the spirit of Walt Disney, who she claims shares stories with her from the afterlife

She claims that doctors have diagnosed her with a disorder of consciousness — the umbrella term used to refer to those in coma and a vegetative state.

Patients with these conditions are usually unable to communicate, though this can vary depending on the extent of the condition. 

Out-of-body experiences, however, are a known, if poorly understood, phenomenon. 

Though the exact causes can vary, some experts theorise brain disorders as well as traumatic brain injuries can trigger them.

Detailing her own experiences, Ms Gilmour claims that during them she can feel her heart stopping and her body slowly starting to shut down.

What is a disorder of consciousness

A disorder of consciousness is where the consciousness has been affected by damage to the brain. 

The main disorders of consciousness are:

Coma – a person shows no signs of being awake and no signs of being aware.

Vegetative state – when a person is awake but is showing no signs of awareness.

A person in a vegetative state may:

  • Open their eyes
  • Wake up and fall asleep at regular intervals
  • Have basic reflexes (such as blinking when they’re startled by a loud noise or withdrawing their hand when it’s squeezed hard)

Minimally conscious state – a person who shows clear but minimal or inconsistent awareness is classified as being in a minimally conscious state.

She said she then feels herself physically leaving her body before having her interactions with the deceased.

Ms Gilmour is now in talks with academics from the Coma Science Group at the University of Liège in Belgium to collaborate with a PhD candidate researching why this is happening to her.

Sharing her experience with MailOnline, Ms Gilmour, who isn’t religious, said: ‘I have met with Jesus. 

‘I have brought back things and then I will go into a trance and start writing.’

The self-proclaimed spiritualist described her relationship with Jesus as ‘private’.

Ms Gilmour also said she has had interactions with Walt Disney, who died in 1966 in California.

‘He was showing stories and when I met him,’ she said, ‘There was an amazing building and the wood felt alive and well preserved.

‘When I came back I would go back into a trance and write down his stories and draw pictures of everything he has shown me. 

‘He showed me these characters and I became one of his characters and lived out one of his stories. 

‘I would sit and listen to him and he would appear with these characters and he would tell me the names of these characters and their personalities and what they did in life, where the came from and their origins.’

Ms Gilmour also claims to meet her dead parents during these episodes.

Her father, John Gilmour, died in his fifties from cirrhosis of the liver after suffering from alcoholism.

She is now in talks with academics from the Coma Science Group at the University of Liège, Belgium to start a PhD researching why this is happening to her

Ms Gilmour said these started happening around the same time she had a brain injury

She said: ‘The first time I met him he looked 52, which was when he died. The second time I met him he looked about 30.

‘He looked so happy and so radiant. I was so proud that he was my dad when I came back from that.’

Detailing another experience with her late father, Ms Gilmour said: ‘I saw him and it was all white around us. He was speaking to me but looking to the side of me and he said “learn to do as you are told Beverley” and that is all he said,’ she said.  

‘I came out and was like “Is that it, no lottery numbers dad?”

The aspiring researcher said her experiences do not always make sense at first and it can take her some time afterwards to understand. 

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