New 60 second ‘erection test’ will reveal how well your penis is performing

While sex may be a completely natural thing, it can also be incredibly awkward and often there’s a lot that gets left unsaid – especially if a partner is experiencing problems.

Some may choose to try and ignore their issues, even going so far as to avoid having sex altogether.

A recent study by Lloyds Pharmacy found that many men are in need of help when it comes to keeping and maintaining an erection, with over a quarter of UK males experiencing problems every time they have sex and 42 percent admitting they often have sex with a ‘semi’ erection.

One in 10 men also admitted they would rather give up sex completely than seek advice.

In attempt to highlight the issue Lloyds Pharmacy have launched a simple and speedy test for males to see whether they could benefit from a little help.

The 60 second erection test.

Made up of seven multiple choice questions, the test should only take around 60 seconds to complete. Here’s a look at the questions:

1. How confident are you that you can get an erection and keep it up?

2. Are your erections hard enough to penetrate and start having sex?

3. During sex, can you maintain your erection?

4. During sex, how difficult is it to maintain your erection until the end?

5. Is sex enjoyable for you?

6. Have any of the below ever negatively affected your erection?

7. When do you get your best erections?

Depending on the answers you select, the test will tell you whether or not you should seek further advice and will also help you set up a consultation.

Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor, Dr Kieran Seyan, says: "Having the ability to achieve and maintain an erection is extremely important for men – both physically and mentally.

When men experience a problem it can be really difficult to talk about not only with a health professional but also with their partners, which can often cause relationships to suffer.

"Erectile Dysfunction is more common than many men realise and I would encourage anyone with concerns to get the help they need as the issues they are experiencing could be linked to other health conditions which are often treatable."

He added: "It is definitely not something men should feel ashamed of and the more we can encourage people to talk about the topic the easier it will become for people to seek support."

Serious health conditions which can cause Erectile Dysfunction include high blood pressure , prostate problems and type 2 diabetes. Though these are more common in men over the age of 40.

Dr Seyan suggested younger men may be experiencing psychological causes, such as anxiety or depression.

He commented: "Improving mental health will often help improve erectile problems in these cases."

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