No Organ is spared: Yale researchers show that Covid-19 also damages the liver

Lungs, heart, kidneys and liver – Sars-CoV-2 and its consequences, to attack the entire organism. The negative effect on the detoxification organ of the body is larger than previously suspected. He is strong with a pre-existing condition.

Doctors that treated seriously ill Covid-19-patients, detected soon after the discovery of the new Coronavirus, that you have to do it with more than a lung disease.

The Virus itself attacks in addition to the Respiratory organs, the heart, the body’s defenses can put fatal Inflammation in the intensive medical treatment of Covid-19 with severe, is associated with harmful side-effects. And even if the disease is overcome, the suffering of many Affected, a long time lower the destructive consequences.

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The liver, the detoxification center of the body, does not come out unscathed, it was obvious. However, it has now shown in the journal “Hepatology” published a study that the liver damage Covid-19 are more serious than previously suspected.

Bad liver values prior to the Corona-infection

Researchers at the Liver Center at Yale University in New Haven analyzed the liver values of 1827 patients, the between the 14. March and the 23. April came in with Covid-19 in local hospitals. For comparison, it called the corresponding measured values of the Chinese Covid-19-patients. The Team of Joseph Lim was looking for two specific enzymes, which emits a damaged liver into the bloodstream.

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They found that patients in the USA were very much more likely to have bad liver than the Chinese counterparts. While about 15 percent of the Chinese, showed conspicuous values, in meadows, 42, or 67 percent of Americans such in the recording in the hospital, depending on what was tested. During the hospital stay, the proportion rose to 62 and 83 percent.

Where the discrepancy of the liver values between China and the United States, is not able to explain the researchers really. “We can only speculate that US patients may have had more pre-existing diseases of the liver, for example, by high consumption of alcohol or non-alcohol-induced fatty liver,” says Joseph Lim.

Fatty liver as a risk factor for severe Covid-19-history

The fat of the liver without alcohol involvement is with Obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Diabetes connected – all risk factors for a severe Covid-19-history. And according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is to have 30 to 40 percent of adult U.S. citizens, such a liver disease.

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In a quarter of the Covid-19 patients, the researchers discovered in their medical records abnormal liver values, which were detected well in advance of the Sars-CoV-2 infection.

No matter whether the bad liver values prior to the disease or during the hospital stay developed, for the Concerned, they meant a more severe course of the disease. The patient ended up more often in the ICU, were more often ventilated and survived Covid-19 rare.

Although liver cells ACE2-carry receptors for the Coronavirus gives access in healthy cells, the researchers believe that Sars-CoV-2 attacks the liver directly. They rather assume that the largest liver damage due to inflammation elsewhere in the body will happen, especially in the bile duct.

The therapy of Covid-19 causes damage to the liver?

And, finally, the medications that were given during the Covid-19-disease, had a liver-damaging side-effect. The meet mainly to the active ingredient Tocilizumab, an anti-inflammatory antibody designed for the treatment of rheumatoid Arthritis. He should prevent Covid-19-the patient the dreaded cytokine storm or mitigate an overshooting immune response of the body to the infection.

Because the study could provide no clarity on whether in the first line of previous damage, disease or the therapy the liver from Covid-19-moved patients affected, want to bring the liver experts further clinical and laboratory studies on the way.

The question as to the effect of Covid-19 to the liver is not yet answered.

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