Pinrose Unveils Makeup Collaboration With Sephora Collection

Pinrose is bringing its scents over to the color cosmetics category.The fragrance company, which launched as a direct-to-consumer brand and is now carried at all Sephora doors, is teaming with Sephora Collection for a limited-edition, scented makeup collection. This is the brand’s first foray into color cosmetics.“It’s something that we’ve talked about and thought, ‘let’s test this and see if the customer is open to it,’” said Erika Shumate, Pinrose cofounder, on entering the makeup category. “Scented cosmetics makes the experience more playful because scent is so powerful in the way that it works in the brain with memory. So we wanted to make fragrance more visual and color cosmetics allows us to do that.”Using festival season as the inspiration, Pinrose took its best-selling scents and paired them with Sephora Collection’s formulas and colors for three stockkeeping units. The Secret Genius highlighter, an iridescent hue, is infused with the brand’s fragrance of the same name, which includes notes of vanilla and caramel, and the Clever Devil Scented Lip Shimmers, four lip toppers, are inspired by Wild Child, Lil’ Dipper, Sun Saint and Secret Genius scents. The brand is also including a five-piece rainbow brush set that isn’t scented.“Our partnership with Pinrose felt very natural given the foundation the brand is built on,” said Beth Hayes, vice president of Sephora Collection. “Our shared goals of creating high-quality, approachable products that are not only premium, but fun, playful and unique allow for a seamless collaboration and we’re excited to share the results with Sephora Collection and Pinrose beauties alike.”While this is Pinrose’s first entry into color cosmetics, the brand has already launched products in other categories. In March, Pinrose released its Secret Genius Shimmer Mist, a hydrating spray that leaves a slight sheen on the skin. Because of the success of this product, the brand wants to continue creating multiuse products across other categories.“It’s nice to actually bring the clients to the other world, especially introducing the color cosmetics client to scent in a new way that maybe she hasn’t experienced before,” Shumate continued. “It allows us to showcase our brand and our playfulness in a new way.”Even though the brand started with a direct-to-consumer model, it wanted to enter Sephora so its brand message could reach a larger audience. “Getting the stamp of approval from a major retailer like Sephora was important for a lot of our customers to start to understand the value of what’s behind the actual product,” she said. “ platform has such a larger reach than we did that it seemed like a great launching point to really expand the growth of the brand more quickly and we’ve seen a halo effect on our own web site as well.”Because both brands’ customers increasingly shop via their mobile devices, the collection will first launch today for 24 hours exclusively on Sephora’s mobile app. The collection will then become available again on the app and on on June 28. The brush set is the only product that will be available in all Sephora doors and will be merchandised in the fragrance section. The products range in price from $22 to $48.

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