Sophie Monk Opens Up About Overcoming Her Eating Disorder

Sophie Monk can happily say that since finding love on The Bachelorette she feels like she has “everything.” However the 37-year-old revealed that during darker times in her life she battled with an eating disorder.

While Monk admits that she definitely lost too much weight and was obsessed with her food intake during the peak of her fame, she says the low point came when she was called an ‘Ethiopian famine victim’ in the media.

“I ended up getting depressed. It’s a different and ugly world,” Sophie told in NW in the honest new interview.

“I definitely lost too much weight. I was tiny. There was a moment where [dieting] was all I thought about,” Sophie told the publication.  

“Cameras are on you a lot, so [weight fluctuations are] a lot more dramatic – you’re going to go a bit more extreme with everything.”

The former Bardot singer has overcome her body images issues since then, affirming she’s in a very healthy and positive place right now. 

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This article originally appeared on InStyle

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