The 10 Biggest Wellness Trends For 2018

Want to know what almost every human on earth will be eating, drinking and doing to better themselves in 2018? Pinterest has analysed their data to determine what will be trending in everything wellness next year.

Here are the ‘pins’ increasing in popularity right now.  

1. A gut feeling

Gut health is officially on the table in 2018 with a 251% rise in people saving pins on recommendations and recipes associated with the trending topic. The research is overwhelming when it comes to the subject – good gut health has a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

2. Strength over size

Experts have been saying this for years and it’s finally filtering down to the masses – strength training is essential for wellness. Over 415% more people are searching for strength inspo online.

3. Let’s clear the air

When it comes to what we’re putting into our bodies it’s not just the food that we eat but the air that we breath. Saves for “air purifiers” and “air purifying plants” have seen a 270% increase.

4. The post-workout

If you want your workout to really yield results then what you do after a sweat sesh is just as important as what you do during it. It looks like plenty of people are wising up to the benefits of post workout stretches with the subject growing over 105% in popularity on Pinterest.

5. A treat for tresses

Whether you’re rocking a lob or growing it long, we’re all after tips, trick, products and practices for healthy locks. Saves for “healthy hair tips” have grown by 219%.

6. The vitamin for brighter skin

There’s a popular new player in the skincare game – vitamin C serum. Experts say it protects skin from free radicals and promotes collagen production, resulting in brighter more beautiful skin. Searches for that term have increased by a whopping 3379%.

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7. Turning to Tai Chi

Plenty of people are jumping on the bandwagon of this ancient form of Chinese martial arts. It’s described as meditation in motion and its practitioners say it improves strength, flexibility, and balance while reducing stress.

8. Edible essential oils

Yep, these delicious smelling products aren’t just heaven for your snoz, some can be pretty tasty too. Saves for “essential oil food recipe” have blown up by 689%, but make sure you’re using oils that are labelled food grade.

9. Self-care staycations

Take some time out for some TLC in 2018, everybody will be doing it. Searches for “self care” have increased by over 537%.

10. New prop on the block

Yogis are literally reinventing the wheel with a product that promises to massage the spine and assist in advanced postures. Saves for “yoga wheel” have increased by 72%. 

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