The 7 Best Ab Exercises That Are All Over Pinterest

Temperatures are rising, and it’s about time to break out the bathing suit. And while achieving a so-called perfect bikini body has never been our goal, we’re always up for ways to feel stronger. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up seven of the best ab routine charts for building a more muscular core. If you want a more defined midsection, you’re gonna want to pin these for later.

Health coach Christina Carlyle’s fun routine is geared toward helping women burn belly fat.

Monica May, a personal trainer who runs Fit Girl’s Diary, provided the two-part ab series she designed to get rid of her muffin top.

Here are some of our favorite moves that you might be forgetting to incorporate into your ab routine.

This roundup of seven ab moves from The Live Fit Girls shows you how to do the ultimate workout with just your body and a yoga mat.

The Tone It Up girls say it takes just five minutes to do their best workout for a tighter, more defined waistline.

Health resident fitness expert Tracy Anderson shows us her top exercises for flatter abs and a stronger core.

Fitness guru Natalie Jill shared her five go-to moves that put a spin on the plank position.

Already reaching for your yoga mat? Try out these moves, and we think you’ll have your most fit summer season yet!

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